All of the crafted items in our space at Whatcom Art Market include elements that are antique, old, found, or natural, and they come together into Refind Creations.

One of my favorite items to use right now are bobeches.  What in the world is that?

Bobeche is a French word that is used for the ring of glass or metal with a hole in the center that forms a cup on a chandelier.   Originally it would catch the wax drippings.  Currently they are used around the light sockets of hanging chandeliers.

Here are some of the bobeches we will be using in upcoming projects:

There are a wide variety of designs and metals used in creating a bobeche.  They are beautiful all by themselves in their artistic swirls, curves, and patterns.  Some are brass, gold, or cast iron, and they develop a beautiful patina that is very inspirational in our designs.

In our creations, we have used bobeches to provide stability for our candles, which are mainly poured in antique insulators.  More about those in another post.

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