Corks, Keys, and Roses

Who would think that antique cork floats could be a refind?

I am absolutely in love with this as a creative material.  These old cork floats, taken from very old life preservers of all things, have become one of my favorite projects.  The beauty of the grain, textures, and colors all delight and inspire me.

I have transformed what was originally a life saving, though very bulky and uncomfortable, material into my own Refind Creation inspired by these beautiful antique brass doorknob plates and keys

I am always impressed by the creativity of things created a hundred or so years ago.  Those who crafted items that were made for every day purposes took the time to make the details so very beautiful.  Many of the doorknob plates were stamped brass but also the cast iron which takes on such a gorgeous patina.

I combined all these things in several different projects.  I love the old keys – even the keys were so much more beautiful than what we have today!  I hope you enjoy these items and I hope you will come down to our space at Whatcom Art Market in Fairhaven WA when you are looking for unique decor.

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