Sunflowers Galore

These beauties make me very happy. I enjoyed every step in the process. I found some antique cork floats months ago at one of my favorite “junk stores”. I had no idea how they would want to be Refind –what they would want to become — until a few weeks ago when I woke up one morning thinking about them and suddenly I knew– they want to be sunflowers!

But how, I wondered? I suddenly visualized the petals. I had recently been given a box of pine cones and wondered what project they might fit into. Sunflower petals of course!

And the seeds.. how could they be realistic and artistic? I had a box of upholstery tacks that worked perfectly and are soothing to push into the cork.

After this part of the journey I started thinking about leaves and stems of course! So a trip to my happy place — the vintage lighting store! And my other favorite “junk store” led me to beautiful bobeches for the most perfect leaves! And randomly found rusty tire irons for the most awesome stems!

Lots of hours of creating later, here is my final product:

Each one has been so much fun to make. The sunflower stand is open for business! Booth 33 at Ferry Street Antique Mall is open seven days a week!

The sunflowers are coated in acrylic and can be posted in your garden or displayed in your home. The price of $35 reflects the antique items used in their creation. All my Refind Creations include antique items that have been repurposed for beauty and unique design.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!


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