Old Things are Beautiful

These are old things in my otherwise modern home. They are things from my childhood or things I acquired somewhere along the way. Some things I made while others I collected. Enjoy!

Apple Head Dolls – made in about 1974 with our very old neighbor lady Mrs Van Mater

These were given to me when I was little by another elderly neighbor lady Mrs Pate. I love old grannies!

My great aunt Fanny gave me this vase as a wedding gift and this is her family photo album –

This was given to me by another old neighbor lady when I was a child and is still beautiful

And here are several things from my great aunt Margarett, my Grandma, and others:

I have been blessed with treasures from the past which have inspired my life and given me an appreciation for the beauty and details of history and craftsmanship and especially for making beautiful and fun things by hand. Thank you Mrs VanMater for countless hours spent with three little neighbor girls letting us stitch and craft and bake. To my great aunts, grandma, and my own mom for spending time with me and always encouraging me.

Blissful and blessed



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