I have had more trouble with glue than any other challenge in doing mixed media art! Oh my goodness this one scared me. After trying silicone based glue that was too squishy and hot glue that doesn’t bond metal to glass, I just tried superglue! Near tragedy. My right thumb got glued to a c-clamp! Freaked me out but I got it off very very slowly without ripping my thumb skin. I continued on and next thing I know the glue tube is hermetically sealed to my other thumb! While trying to work that off my opposite thumbnail got stuck to the first thumb and while my husband is frantically bathing my hands in the only thing he could find– all natural nail polish remover– my finger gets stuck to my thumbs! Now I’m really in a panic and he goes for scissors!! No!! Don’t cut my skin! I’m going to lose all my fingerprints and walk around glued to a tube and to myself! After much precision and most of the nail polish remover– delightfully flavored with avacado oil!– I got my finger freed. I twisted and pulled and finally let my thumb go but the tube was still tightly bound to my right thumb and the paint on the tube was now dissolving! Finally after many frantic minutes my crusted fingers and hands were free! Oh the price I pay for creativity! Moral of the story –use gloves! And buy gel superglue next time!!

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