Heartstrings – Heart of Gold

Heartstrings - Heart of Gold - BothThis mixed media project is a set of two 24″x36″ canvases with a collage of sheet music, gold paper, copper, and photos of a book cover, “Home Sweet Home”

The guitar strings and equipment represent the musical staff – copper notes and clefs were a contribution from an artist on Guemes Island, Darlene Klister at Firelight Design studios.  A fret board provides contrast and continues the theme of guitar parts, or any stringed instrument.

Crushed golden glass and a covering of gold gauze material provide texture and muted tones.  I always finish with a hammered copper heart for these Heartstrings projects.

Music pulls at the heartstrings of many people.  It creates memories and brings back memories.  It is an essential part of the human experience, especially for those who struggle with mental illness, sorrow, or loss.  It expands the experience of joyous occasions and comforts during stressful situations.  It is a language all its own, with signs and symbols that communicate rhythm, melody, harmony, notes and chords that speaks to the soul, spirit, mind and body.

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