Papermaking .. if at first you don’t succeed

Trial number two

Pretty sure this is only a summer outdoor activity.. very messy and in need of air drying so it’s good I got this wild hair in July rather than December!

This time I skipped the newspaper and brown paper bags that got me to a near cardboard material last time. Not that it can’t be used for something in the future but I still have visions of soft white pretty paper…

So I bought reams of printer paper from someone on Facebook for two bucks. And a shredder from amazon.. and I sat outside last week shredding five pages at a time … the limit of the shredder.., and made a big bag of it!

During this week I also dried some raspberry vines and lots of flowers and crushed them

My first couple batches were a little iffy but by the end I think I came out with some fairly nice pieces.. still not soft like I imagine.. but I think the white and streaks of yellow from the dried leaves can be part of a bigger collage I have in my head.

Papermaking has proved to be exceedingly messy and harder than I imagined but it’s satisfying so next time I’m going for cotton!


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