Refind Refind

I did it! I spent all afternoon taking down everything in my space at Whatcom Art Market and completely redesigning it to feature Art Inspired by Nature– almost every piece is made from or inspired by flowers from my garden and others.

On the right I installed an antique door to use as a feature piece to display door-decor! It will change with the seasons to make a centerpiece display. Since autumn arrives this week I decorated the door with garlands of artificial leaves and sunflowers to highlight several door decor items I created.

Center of the door has cork and architectural pieces from antique doors and drawers.

To the left of the door are two more corks and roses themed with antique door hardware acting as a vase holding dried roses.

In front of the door is an antique milk can filled with garden stakes — sunflowers made of cork, pine cone scales and vintage lighting fixture pieces. There are a couple old cupboard doors as well. One is Birchwood and the other autumn leaves.

In the center of the space I’m featuring ceramic tiles hand”painted” with flower petals in various designs. Another highlight is a framed elderberry flower in reflection. And finally one of my favorites– paper doll dresses flanked with matching flower petals. So far there is blue hydrangea, yellow orchid, and pretty pink petals.

On the left I have the postage-paid postcards, a few palette clipboards, and a new item — 4×4 ceramic tiles covered in various petals or handmade paper cutouts – a magnet on the back to decorate your refrigerator if you like.

I feel blessed to have this opportunity to participate in a vibrant art market and guild with so many talented people surrounding me and encouraging me!

Stop by if you’re out and about in Fairhaven and see what catches your eye!



  1. It looks fantastic Belinda! I LOVE that old door and the old frames displaying those Vintage doll dresses! Wow! I need to drop by to see this (and you) in person! Your artwork is just so creative! When is your shift?

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    • Thank you Nancy!! The door is authentically old— rusty and messy, my favorite! The frames look old but they aren’t — they just fit exactly what I wanted the look to be for the project… double glass. I think I’m there the 26th in the afternoon. Hope you can stop by!


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