Artist’s Vision Statement

My dreams are the color of rust

Sepia tones of things from days gone by

Rusty pipes and brass tinged with the ages, things once useful now forgotten

Refind into new and beautiful

My treasures are covered in dust

Found in bins and trays and hidden places

Discarded glass in hues of blue and green

To be Refind into visions of light

Inspired by things layered in crust

Bark, cones, flowers and leaves

Nature made

Fallen to the floor of the forest, washed up on a beach or piled in a junk store

Refind into creations uniquely beautiful

Refind is a play on the word Refined.  It is how I intend to refind my passion for creativity.  To take found objects and refind them by refining their features…making something new out of something discarded or no longer useful.

I am intrigued by the work of artisans who refind objects, and I am currently inspired by old things like keys, door knob plates, rusty things, glass door knobs, old wood, ancient berry farm flats and boxes, and things made of metal.  I have projects dancing in my head as I refind my passion for crafting, designing, and enjoying things made by hand and rudimentary tools.

I am Refind.